Hurricane Relief

Helping victims of Hurricane Florence

Relief areas on the coast are in transition between clean-out and rebuild.  With the holidays coming up, we will schedule our next trip for February (date TBA).

We have a team leaving for Laurinburg on the 8th.  Please be in prayer for the team and the people they will be ministering to.

We have a total of 14 sites that have recovery operations working out of them. We are doing chainsaw, mud-outs, tear-outs, shockwave/sanitation and putting tarps on roofs.  So far, over 3400 recovery jobs have been completed with more than 2300 jobs still open.

NC Baptists on Mission/NCBM currently has 2 large mobile kitchens that have served over 1,015,000 HOT meals so far.  As well, 1800 recovery jobs have been completed and more than 1500 jobs are still open.  We need lots of tear out volunteers/teams.

There are thousands of homes in Eastern NC that were affected by Hurricane Florence. We need you and your church or civic group to come and help people do mud outs and tear outs of homes that were flooded. We have 15 different sites that are coordinating these efforts. You do not need to be trained to help. Please sign up below to go and help hurting people.

Urgent need for volunteers…  I was there (in Wilmington) for a week and we needed at least 8 people and only had 4. I came home yesterday and have received 2 emails asking when I can come back!

Bottom line.  Words cannot describe the devastation here. Thousands of trees down, thousands of houses damaged.  The feeding unit here is still serving about 17k people per day. A lot of hurting people.  The need for food service personnel, child care personnel and recovery team members is evident.  Everyone we met was receptive to the gospel message.

We made it here safely.  This is quite the operation here–very organized.  Not sure what we’ll be doing, but looking forward to getting started.

God is working.  A young lady came through the car line for lunch today.  She was so broken.  We talked and I told her about Jesus.  She prayed and asked Him into her life.  We were so excited!  I asked her if she wanted to get out of her car and dance with me… she did!  We danced before the Lord!!!!!


Hurricane Florence has now been placed in the top 10 most destructive storms in US history. The property damage alone is estimated to be between $17 and $22 billion. As well, the loss of lives has affected many families.

In short, they need our help! If you can give financially to the relief and rebuild efforts, please click on the link below. As well, if you can go to assist in cleanup and support, please scroll down for more information.


Grace is sending teams to the coast to assist in cleanup from Florence. This is a hands-on opportunity to help families recover from the storm. If you would like to be a part of this or for more information, please email [email protected] or call 828.724.9599.

If you would like to go on a trip or lead a trip, please fill out the form below.​