Idols Are Sneaky

Idols are sneaky

Sermon Title: Lifequake
Scripture: Micah 1
Date: November 26, 2017

Idols are sneaky. They present themselves as worthy of our worship and before we know it, we’ve set them up on the throne room of our lives and are bowing in worship to them. Sunday’s sermon include the following “checklist.” Allow the Holy Spirit to test your heart on these.

1. I have power and influence over others.” (Power Idolatry)

2. I am loved and respected by _____.” (Approval Idolatry)

3. I have this kind of pleasure experience, a particular quality of life.” (Comfort idolatry)

4. I am able to get mastery over my life in the area of _____.” (Control idolatry)

5. people are dependent on me and need me.” (Helping Idolatry)

6. someone is there to protect me and keep me safe.” (Dependence idolatry)

7. I am completely free from obligations or responsibilities to take care of someone.” (Independence idolatry)

8. I am highly productive and getting a lot done.” (Work idolatry)

9. I am being recognized for my accomplishments, and I am excelling in my work.” (Achievement idolatry)

10. I have a certain level of wealth, financial freedom, and very nice possessions.” (Materialism idolatry)

11. I am adhering to my religion’s moral codes and accomplished in its activities.” (Religion idolatry)

12. This one person is in my life and happy to be there, and/or happy with me.” (Individual person idolatry)

13. I feel I am totally independent of organized religion and am living by a self-made morality.” (Irreligion idolatry)

14. My race and culture is ascendant and recognized as superior.” (Racial/cultural idolatry)

15. A particular social grouping or professional grouping or other group lets me in.” (Inner ring idolatry)

16. My children and/or my parents are happy and happy with me.” (Family idolatry)

17. Mr. or Ms. “Right” is in love with me.” (Relationship Idolatry)

18. I am hurting, in a problem; only then do I feel worthy of love or able to deal with guilt.” (Suffering idolatry)

19. my political or social cause is making progress and ascending in influence or power.” (Ideology idolatry)

20. I have a particular kind of look or body image.” (Image idolatry) (from

So how do you know you have repented of a particular sin? In Revive Magazine, James McDonald provides the following checklist:
Repentance leads to grief over sin. Second Corinthians 7:9 says, “You felt a godly grief.” And following that: “Godly grief produces a repentance that leads to salvation.”

Grief over sin leads to repulsion of sin. Verse 11 says, “See what earnestness this godly grief has produced in you.”
Repentance leads to restitution toward others. “When repentance is happening in your life there is an energetic pursuit to fix the fallout of your sin.”
Repentance leads to a revival toward God. Like a river rushing down a mountainside, like a waterfall from a cool stream, God’s mercy will begin to wash over your life. Repentance leads to moving forward. Here’s the final mark of genuine repentance: moving forward rather than looking back.

If you need help, reach out to your Life Group. They will walk with you through whatever you are facing. If you aren’t in a group, call us. We stand ready to see you to victory. (828-724-9599)