Grace Community Church Frequently Asked Questions

 Grace Community Church Building FAQ’s

Can we add on to this building?

Yes. We can add 4-6 more Life Group spaces to the end of the new adult wing should the need arise.

Where will the parking be located?

While we will lose some parking on the side of our current space, we will add additional parking to the rear of the worship facility to compensate for the expansion and for growth.

How will the House and Youth Buildings be used?

The youth will have full use of the Youth Building. The House will become offices for the staff.

Where are we now?

We have $1,860,000 on hand. We have a generous $200,000 matching gift. Every gift will be matched beginning October 1 until we reach $200,000 in giving.

How much money do we need to get started?

If we use an average build estimate, we must have 85% of the cost of the building or $2.25 million in order to begin building.

Why do we have to wait on septic approval to get bids? 
Bids are good for approximately 30 to 90 days. We must make sure we are approved for septic so that the awarded bid will not expire and we have to enter the bidding process again.

When would the preschool open?
Minimally six months after the building is completed. Hiring of staff will require lead time before the preschool can open.

Are monies on hand earning interest?
Yes, funds on hand are in interest bearing accounts.

Are plans completed for daycare?
Yes, the Preschool Planning Team has been working for a year. Jim Maynor, Leslie Hester, Stephanie Gilliam, Daphne Daniels and Natalie Laney serve on this team.

Will we need more land?
We’re waiting on analysis from the environmental engineer and the soil scientist regarding our septic system. Of course, the church will vote on the purchase of additional land.

How do I Give?

You can designate First 2000 Days on your giving envelope or visiting our giving page here. If you don’t have giving envelopes, please call the church office.