Grace preschool

A Great Start

Grace is moving ground for our early childhood development center. The center is scheduled to open between 2020-2021, depending on variables such as our construction schedule, licensing and center logistics. Stay in touch for more information on the projected opening date.

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Early Childhood Center FAQ's

What ages will the Preschool cover? 

The preschool will cover children from six weeks to 5 years of age.

Will you be hiring teachers?

Yes we will. We have a Careers menu on our website. When we are ready to hire, we will post the positions there.

Will the Preschool take kids who receive subsidies?

Yes. As a matter of fact, in our desire to serve families who are able to pay and those who are not, our Preschool will intentionally focus on reserving half of our spaces for kids who receive subsidies.

Will the Preschool be distinctly Christian?

Yes, the Preschool will embody the same mission and values of Grace Community Church. Our mission at Grace is to exalt Christ, live transformed lives, and embrace our community. Our values are Jesus Over Everything, Heart Change that Leads to Life Change, and Others Before Ourselves.

When will the Preschool open?

We know it will be at least Summer of 2020, but could be later depending on any unforeseen difficulties with the building.

How many children will the Preschool enroll?

The center will enroll 70-75 children.

Where can I learn more about your new building?

Please go the building page here.

What will the hours of operation be?

The center will be open from 6am-6pm