New Building Highlights

Daytime PreschoolThe opportunity to impact 75 preschoolers 8+ hours a day is tremendous. It will take years to see the fruit from this, but we are willing to invest and wait for God to raise up a generation who will be “mighty in the land.” (Psalm 112:2)

Spacious Multi-Use Large SpaceThe Kids Worship space (labeled assembly) will be used for Kids Worship on Sunday mornings, Reachout/Grapple on Sunday nights, First Wednesday meal on First Wednesdays, alternate worship space, and other fellowship needs. Similar to a “fellowship hall” in a traditional church, it will meet many needs and also serve as a Cafeteria / Dining Hall for the 5 day preschool.

Clear Zones A single-story allows us to have clear Preschool, Children and Adult Zones. Adults will not have to walk through Preschool and Children space to access their meeting rooms.

Two New LobbiesThe single floor plan creates a lobby in the Preschool/Children’s Area and a lobby in the Adult Area. This will greatly improve access in our main lobby.

Single Floor AccessibilityThe single floor plan allows access to all zones on one floor—no stairs or elevator.

Dedicated Office Space – Offices will move to the house which will give staff ample office space.

Projected Building Cost

PROJECT BUDGET @ 100 PER SQ FT. – $2,473,470 – 21,602 SQ FT

PROJECT BUDGET @ 115 PER SQ FT. – $2,797,500 – 21,602 SQ FT.